Behind the Curtain

Victoria Rose, also known as the Vaudevillian Gypsy, is a divinatrice, artist, healer, and descendant of Hungarian Romani gypsies who has an act for uncovering the unconscious mind. She is highly intuitive and mostly self taught in the arts of divination with a few mentors here and there. The first appeared in her life with a deck of tarot cards in 2009, around the same time she was in school studying psychology. Starting her days with discussions on rorschach tests and thematic apperception tests and then ending the evenings with lessons in tea leaf reading and tarot, she could not help but to compare and connect the tools from both fortune telling and psychology. They were naturally combined into her rituals. She currently reads for many events around Atlanta, GA, hosts workshops, and has created The Velvet Vardo Society, a divination salon, to share her stories and ancestral knowledge.


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